Case Autopsy Podcast #2 – Lessons From a Medical Malpractice Trial During COVID-19 w/ Tad Thomas

Published on Sep 17, 2020
Case Autopsy is part of the family of podcasts brought to you by Lawyer Minds. In this podcast, we explore recent verdicts and settlements from around the country to try and distill down the best techniques for you to apply in your cases.

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Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell heads the Columbia, MO office of Thomas Law Offices and concentrates his practice on motor vehicle and medical negligence litigation. He is on the Board of Governors for the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, is an associate editor …

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Tad Thomas, co-host of the official Lawyer Minds podcast, is one of most sought-after CLE speakers in the country, presenting on topics ranging from technology in the courtroom and litigation skills to modern law practice management.  He speaks from experience too — Tad is regularly in the courtroom and tries cases around the country.  After obtaining two seven figure verdicts in 2019, Tad could’ve sat 2020 out and waited until the pandemic had passed to get back in the courtroom.  But, that’s not Tad.

If you try enough cases, you know losses are going to happen and there are obstacles in your way that you have to manage.  In this podcast, Tad sits down to talk with Mike about a medical malpractice case he recently tried and the obstacles he and his co-counsel faced, as well as how the trial judge, opposing counsel, and jurors handled the unique challenges presented by COVID-19.  Although ultimately unsuccessful at trial, Tad’s graciously shares his experiences about the trial in this podcast in the hopes that listeners can learn from the lessons and implement strategies from those lesson in their cases.

To learn more about Tad’s practice, visit: https://www.thomaslawoffices.com

Do you have a verdict or settlement you want to discuss on the podcast?  Please mail Mike at mike.Campbell@Thomaslawoffices.com

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