“The Jury Thinks What?” Podcast #2 – Discussing Voir Dire w/ Michael Neff

Published on Sep 10, 2020
“The Jury Thinks What?” podcast discusses everything there is to know about trying cases. From preparing the case before the lawsuit is filed all the way to trial. And most importantly, how to understand what the Jury is thinking.

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Saul Gruber

Saul Gruber was the founding partner of The Gruber Firm in New Jersey and practiced for over 30 years in civil litigation with his primary focus on nursing home neglect and abuse. Saul is a nationally recognized lawyer and lecturer and has conducted se …

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Michael Neff is a trial attorney in Georgia and the Trial Guides author of “Premises Liability: A Guide to Success.”

Michael joins Saul Gruber to discuss his thoughts on voir dire and give important tips on how to get the prospective jurors talking about issues such as the burden of proof, their feelings on large verdicts, caps, and other issues you need to know to properly use both your preemptory challenges, as well as challenges for cause.

Michael and Saul will also discuss how to use focus groups in developing issues for voir dire and important tips on dealing with judge-driven voir dire.

Saul plans to add in a nursing home litigation tip, as well as a song quote that could help you advance your story to the jury.

To read Michael’s guide, please visit: https://www.trialguides.com/products/premises-liability

To learn more about Michael’s practice, check out: https://neffinjurylaw.com/

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