“The Jury Thinks What?” #7 – Preparing the Plaintiff for the Defense Medical Exam w/ Sagi Shaked

Published on Feb 9, 2021
“The Jury Thinks What?” podcast discusses everything there is to know about trying cases. From preparing the case before the lawsuit is filed all the way to trial. And most importantly, how to understand what the Jury is thinking.

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Saul Gruber

Saul Gruber was the founding partner of The Gruber Firm in New Jersey and practiced for over 30 years in civil litigation with his primary focus on nursing home neglect and abuse. Saul is a nationally recognized lawyer and lecturer and has conducted se …

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Guest: Sagi Shaked, Aventura FL

Defense Medical Examinations occur in virtually every Personal Injury Case. Do you simply diary the date and send your client a long letter about what to expect and what to do and let them go? Sagi Shaked shares with us his method of obtaining protective orders, video recording, audio recording or court reporter transcript, and sending an attorney to every defense medical exam. Although this sounds extreme, Sagi explains not only why he does this but just as important how he does this from the filing of the protective order to Trial. Some great tips and forms available to everyone. Saul will also provide his Nursing Home Litigation Tip.

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