Case Autopsy Podcast #6 – Holding Rogue Doctors Accountable w/ Barry Rooth

Published on Feb 8, 2021
Case Autopsy is part of the family of podcasts brought to you by Lawyer Minds. In this podcast, we explore recent verdicts and settlements from around the country to try and distill down the best techniques for you to apply in your cases.

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Christopher J. Finney

Christopher J. Finney received his law degree from St. Louis University. Upon graduation, he accepted a position as an assistant circuit attorney in the Circuit Attorney’s Office in St. Louis. While at the Circuit Attorney’s, Chris handled a variety of …

Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell heads the Columbia, MO office of Thomas Law Offices and concentrates his practice on motor vehicle and medical negligence litigation. He is on the Board of Governors for the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, is an associate editor …

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Indiana personal injury attorney Barry Rooth is a widely respected medical malpractice lawyer who has managed to make a real difference in his community by prosecuting rogue doctors on behalf of his injured clients.  Barry’s first notable case prosecuting a rogue doctor was featured in a Vanity Fair expose on how Indiana surgeon Mark Weinberger injured more than 350 people performing unnecessary and harmful surgical procedures.  Barry then spearheaded a legal team that held Dr. Arvind Gandhi responsible for harming nearly 300 hundred patients performing unnecessary and harmful procedures (covered in the NY Times:  https://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/18/business/a-small-indiana-town-scarred-by-a-trusted-doctor.html).  Barry sits down with Chris and Mike to discuss how he ended up handling such prominent cases and the process he went through to make sure his clients received justice.

For more information about Barry or his practice, please visit:  https://www.trinjurylaw.com/our-team/staff-profiles/barry-d-rooth/