Interview With Rocco Riccobono

By Melissa Walker | May 6, 2021 | Interviews

Rocco Riccobono

Rocco Riccobono, of Borchert & LaSpina, P.C., has experience in personal injury, medical malpractice, dental malpractice, legal writing, legal research, litigation, settlement negotiation, and trial practice. He attended the University of Chicago and graduated from Hofstra University School of Law.

Lawyer Minds: Why are trial lawyers important to any society?

Rocco Riccobono: Trial lawyers are important to our society because they are the individuals who represent you in the courtroom “chess match.” In civil law, a jury or a judge may decide the fate of the case. Thus, it is important to have a great advocate to represent your interests.

Lawyer Minds: How are strong lawyer/client relationships formed?

Rocco Riccobono: Strong lawyer/client relationships are formed with good communication and concern for the client. I always keep in contact with my clients. I treat every client like family. I try to establish a great relationship with my clients and address all their concerns.

Lawyer Minds: What do you see as a major issue in how some lawyers practice law?

Rocco Riccobono: A major issue in how some lawyers practice law is the lack of communication. A key to success with your clients is good communication and frequent updates.

Lawyer Minds: Is there a moment in any trial that sticks out to you — good or bad — and can you share that?

Rocco Riccobono: The moment that sticks out the most for me is the first time I tried a case. I was nervous and unsure of myself. But it is fine to feel this way. Paul Newman once said he was nervous when he would perform on stage, even later in his career. Ultimately, the exhilaration of being on trial washed out my nervousness, and I ended up winning my first medical malpractice trial!

Lawyer Minds: What legal duties and skills have to be learned outside of the classroom?

Rocco Riccobono: The legal duties and skills I learned outside the classroom are to be courteous and respectful to everyone you encounter in this profession and life. It takes strength in some situations to exercise this ability, but it always pays to take the high road. I also learned to be a great listener and to take the time to actually listen to what people say instead of planning what I will say next. Finally, through experience, you learn good judgment, something that is invaluable to a trial lawyer.

Lawyer Minds: How can we better educate the population about the importance of laws and following laws?

Rocco Riccobono: We can better educate the public on the importance of following laws by teaching the next generation good values and giving people more opportunities to succeed in life. Allowing people to build on success and develop good self-esteem is a good way to start. We would also need social programs and laws that are beneficial to this goal as well.

Lawyer Minds: What are your favorite TV shows, movies, or books about fictional lawyers, and why?

Rocco Riccobono: My favorite fictional movies about lawyers were A Few Good Men, The Firm, The Verdict, and The Rainmaker.

Lawyer Minds: What’s one thing you want the readers to know about you that we didn’t ask?

Rocco Riccobono: One thing you did not ask that I value is the importance of giving back to society. We are all equal and deserve to live lives of dignity. It is so crucial that we learn to take care of one another instead of looking out solely for ourselves. Therefore, I highly value charitable work and volunteer work. I have been lucky enough to participate in interesting pro-bono projects and other volunteer work that were some of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Lawyer Minds would like to thank Rocco for sharing his valuable insights with us!

  • John S Manessis says:

    Rocco is a great guy and great lawyer. We worked together awhile back earlier in his career. Much continued success.

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