Meet Travis Holtrey

Contributor listed on Dec 7, 2020

Mr. Holtrey practices law in Owensboro, Kentucky at the law firm of Foreman-Watson-Holtrey, LLP, where he is the managing partner.

He graduated from the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville. Since 1995, Mr. Holtrey has assisted people across the state of Kentucky and throughout the United States who have been injured and need guidance because of a variety of unfortunate circumstances.

He has represented individuals and families, injured or killed due to dangerous products such as farm implements, coal mining machinery, elevators, and firearms, as well as litigated and tried multiple medical malpractice cases involving dental extractions, gallbladder removal, diabetic management, orthopedic surgery, failure to diagnose heart attacks, failure to diagnose cancer, emergency treatment, and diagnosis of post-surgical complications. Mr. Holtrey has also represented clients suffering from chemical exposures including anhydrous ammonia, and coal dust, and litigated and tried cases involving pharmaceutical mistakes involving errors with prescription medications, infusions, vaccination injury, and intravenous administration. Finally, Mr. Holtrey has tried, mediated, or settled over two thousand cases resulting from vehicular collisions.

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