What Makes a Great Trial Judge? Podcast #4 – Judge Lauren Parish

Published on Jul 31, 2023
Welcome to the “What Makes a Great Trial Judge” podcast, part of the Lawyer Minds ecosystem. We’ve paired up with Lisa Blue, a practicing psychologist of 46 years and trial attorney of 44 years, to discuss some of the ways trial judges—especially those dealing with trauma-intensive cases—can improve their techniques and social practices, making the litigation experience more meaningful for jurors and litigants alike. So, how do you tell the difference between a great trial judge and one who needs to work on their social intelligence skills? Let's find out.

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Lisa Blue, a lawyer with the Dallas firm Baron and Blue PLLC, received her undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia and two master’s degrees from the University of Virginia in Counseling Psychology. After a brief teaching career, she returne …

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In the fourth episode of “What Makes a Great Trial Judge?”, Lisa Blue interviews Judge Lauren Parish, a Texas judge for District 115. She was first elected to the court in 1994 after practicing law at a private practice. Texas Distract 115 covers both Marion and Upshur counties. When Judge Parish was first elected, she was the first female elected judge of Upshur County. She served on the bench for 24 years.

During the pod, the honorable Judge Lauren Parish discusses what it was like being a female judge in a smaller district where the legal industry was typically male dominated at the time. She talks about the importance of holding respect for attorneys, genuinely enjoying the practice of law, and being patient—especially in smaller districts where case diversity can fluctuate.

Regarding her thoughts on the top qualities that every great trial judge must have, Judge Parish breaks down her thoughts into four major qualities that allow a judge to do their job well and secure the best outcomes. We won’t spoil all four here, but one of the most vital requirements in her mind is moral courage. Moral courage helps judges make tough decisions. Tough decisions—as every judge knows—is the job.

Tune in to listen to Lisa Blue and Judge Parish’s engaging conversation as they break down Judge Parish’s four necessary qualities and how they relate to and build emotional and social intelligence.