“TJTW” #26 – Keys to a $30M, $29.1M, and $42.5M Elder Care Verdict w/ Ed Dudensing

Published on Sep 12, 2023
“The Jury Thinks What?” podcast discusses everything there is to know about trying cases. From preparing the case before the lawsuit is filed all the way to trial. And most importantly, how to understand what the Jury is thinking.

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Saul Gruber

Saul Gruber was the founding partner of The Gruber Firm in New Jersey and practiced for over 30 years in civil litigation with his primary focus on nursing home neglect and abuse. Saul is a nationally recognized lawyer and lecturer and has conducted se …

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Ed Dudensing gives all nursing home lawyers incredible insight into his criteria for case selection. Ed joins Saul in describing his theory of trying cases with large verdicts and punitive damages in mind.