Lawyer Minds Podcast #1 – Welcome to Lawyer Minds & Get AMPED-UP About AAJ w/ Colleen Phalen

Published on May 12, 2020
This is the official podcast of Lawyer Minds. We’ll discuss news related to the Lawyer Minds ecosystem and the legal industry in general.

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Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell heads the Columbia, MO office of Thomas Law Offices and concentrates his practice on motor vehicle and medical negligence litigation. He is on the Board of Governors for the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, is an associate editor …

Tad Thomas

Mr. Thomas is the founding partner of Thomas Law Offices with offices in Louisville, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Ohio and Chicago, IL.  He and his firm practice solely in the area of civil litigation with a primary focus on medical device and pharmaceutical …

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Mike and Tad introduce the world to Lawyer Minds — an ever-growing eco system for all of the resources modern lawyers need.

  • A primary driver of Lawyer Minds is to connect lawyers from the around the country through their ingenuity and ideas.
    • One of the ways we’re tackling this is through written interviews that lawyers can nominate themselves to complete.
    • If you are willing to do a written interview, nominate yourself.
      • If selected, your interview will get published on a specific day and get featured on our site and on social media.
    • We’re also launching a series of podcasts and articles from a variety of contributors, but are encouraging others to apply.
      • If you would like to contribute articles on legal topics/business topics to Lawyer Minds, please reach out to us.

Our very first guest is Colleen Phalen, Chief Creative Officer at the American Association for Justice.

Colleen shares an exciting new development for AAJ’s annual convention this year — a totally virtual experience this summer taking place July 13 – 15, 2020.  AAJ’s Summer convention is aptly named, “Amped Up,” and is geared towards new ways of connecting AAJ attendees and new ways of learning from AAJ’s regular All-Star lineup of speakers.

What attendees can expect from “Amped Up”

All attendees will enter a virtual portal where they can then direct themselves to any number of educational and networking options.  For example:

  1. The main auditorium/litigation track meetings (where education sessions take place);
  2. Meeting rooms (where topical breakout meetings occur);
  3. Exhibit hall (to engage with vendors)
  4. Networking Lounge (see anyone who is online at the same time and then you can start a chat in the networking lounge).

There are 40 sessions with over 250 speakers with more than 15 CLE Credits.

A major perk of Amped Up is the ability to access ALL of the sessions both live and later at a time of your own choosing. If you’ve ever attended an AAJ conference before, then you know there might be a great CLE during advocacy track in the main room and another great CLE taking place in a litigation track room (like nursing home/sexual assault/solo small firm) and you can’t physically attend both.  Amped Up permits you to watch every session at your leisure – whether live or at a later time.

For more information about the American Association for Justice:  https://www.justice.org

For more information about the upcoming Summer convention: