Lawyer Minds #32 – News Media Can Be Your Friend or Your Nightmare: Ray DeLorenzi and RebuttalPR

Published on May 23, 2023
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Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell heads the Columbia, MO office of Thomas Law Offices and concentrates his practice on motor vehicle and medical negligence litigation. He is on the Board of Governors for the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, is an associate editor …

Tad Thomas

Mr. Thomas is the founding partner of Thomas Law Offices with offices in Louisville, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Ohio and Chicago, IL.  He and his firm practice solely in the area of civil litigation with a primary focus on medical device and pharmaceutical …

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Any lawyer who’s had at least one high-stakes case that makes the news will tell you that dealing with the press is often harder than it looks. When talking to the press, every single word you say and phrasing style you use can have a significant impact—and not always the impact you’d like. Thankfully, for attorneys who have to deal with the press on a regular basis, there are communications firms out there like RebuttalPR that can help with media relations.

During this pod, Mike and Tad interview Ray DeLorenzi, founder of RebuttalPR. Rebuttal helps law firms handle litigation PR campaigns and maximize opportunities with the media when dealing with high-stakes cases. Their team can assist with everything from strategy counsel to actual media relations, spokesperson training, and even social media planning.

Ray shares some excellent advice on how lawyers should handle speaking with the press and/or news media. Specifically, he talks about the importance of preparing and taking time to reflect before speaking to the press, setting ground rules with reporters, and using the press as a tool to help reach out and connect to the communities that care about your case the most.

Tune in to learn more about Rebuttal and hear Ray’s insightful tips.