Case Autopsy Podcast #7 – Building a Trial Firm w/ Kenny Berger

Published on Mar 18, 2021
Case Autopsy is part of the family of podcasts brought to you by Lawyer Minds. In this podcast, we explore recent verdicts and settlements from around the country to try and distill down the best techniques for you to apply in your cases.

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Christopher J. Finney

Christopher J. Finney received his law degree from St. Louis University. Upon graduation, he accepted a position as an assistant circuit attorney in the Circuit Attorney’s Office in St. Louis. While at the Circuit Attorney’s, Chris handled a variety of …

Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell heads the Columbia, MO office of Thomas Law Offices and concentrates his practice on motor vehicle and medical negligence litigation. He is on the Board of Governors for the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, is an associate editor …

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Attorney Kenneth “Kenny” Berger of the Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger joins Chris and Mike to discuss how he built a powerful trial firm in the heart of South Carolina and the key components to making his firm run smoothly while he builds his cases for trial. In this wide-ranging interview, Kenny discusses how he manages to focus his efforts on running a successful practice and working within that practice to obtain outstanding results for his clients. Beyond obtaining multiple seven-figure results for his clients, Kenny is also a regular speaker on topics ranging from handling brain injury cases to injuries to minors, as well as a published author.

All you need to know about Kenny and his philosophy are summed up in his own words, from his “About Us” page:

Like doctors, lawyers have an oath. When I took the oath, I pledged to my clients “faithfulness, competence, diligence, good judgment, and prompt communication.” I also swore not to pursue any unjust lawsuit. The lawyer’s oath is not just a set of words but a moral code. It is the code that guides my practice. Everyone who works with me shares my commitment. We are not just a law firm—we are a team.”

We are grateful to have Kenny on the Pod and hope you gain the insights you need to make your firm a powerful trial firm.

To contact Kenneth and learn more about his practice, visit his website: https://www.bergerlawsc.com