Interview With Michael Levitz

By Melissa Walker | Jul 9, 2021 | Interviews

Michael Levitz

Michael Levitz of Ajlouny Injury Law represents injury victims throughout the state of New York. Over the years, he has honed his courtroom and trial advocacy skills. In addition to being a skilled negotiator who isn’t afraid to take on some of the biggest insurance companies, Michael is also an Appellate Advocate through the Appellate Division, Second Department in New York.

Lawyer Minds: You started representing personal injury clients at the start of your career, and your trajectory hasn’t changed. How did you find out what kind of law you wanted to practice?

Michael Levitz: Great question. I honestly had no idea what type of law I wanted to practice. Luckily while in law school, I was given an opportunity to work with a top trial lawyer who focused on personal injury and medical malpractice. I found the work both demanding and fulfilling. It was incredible seeing how we could help clients who had their lives altered as a result of an accident. That demand and fulfillment keep me enticed every day and has become my passion.

Lawyer Minds: As a personal injury attorney, what do you consider your strongest practice area? Why?

Michael Levitz: My office covers all areas of personal injury – car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, and construction injuries. I truly feel that I bring the same experience, energy, and professionalism to each area. That being said, as a young lawyer, I always have more to learn and grow. I think my strongest practice area is simply the practice of law. I’m constantly evolving and altering my approach.

Lawyer Minds: When it comes to agreeing to take on a client’s case, what is your ideal client like?

Michael Levitz: Each one of my clients is an ideal client! In truth, at the inception of the case, it is difficult to determine how the attorney/client relationship will develop. A client that communicates and keeps me informed is one who will definitely make my job easier and allow for a strong relationship throughout the course of the case.

Lawyer Minds: How do you protect your client’s data from cyber-attacks and data breaches?

Michael Levitz: Data security and client information is something my office takes very seriously. We work with top professionals in the security industry to ensure that we are fully protected from any type of breach. Our staff has been trained in this area and have been equipped with the requisite technology.

Lawyer Minds: Do you ever find it difficult to give a client advice?

Michael Levitz: As an attorney, it is our job to guide and inform clients as to the law. Oftentimes we must also give them personal advice. If the attorney/client relationship is strong, I have seen that giving advice is not only easy but essential. If the client trusts me, then nothing will be difficult. I try very hard to build and maintain that trust.

Lawyer Minds: What constitutes success in your mind regarding a case outcome?

Michael Levitz: The threshold of success is always determined by the client. If the client is happy, then I am happy. End of story. Thank god I have been able to make my clients happy.

Lawyer Minds: While being a trial attorney undoubtedly comes with many rewarding experiences, what do you like least about being a lawyer?

Michael Levitz: Heavy question. Thank you for asking this one. The least rewarding part of being a lawyer is actually the most motivating part. People often assume that lawyers have a hidden agenda. The persona of lawyers that is constantly being portrayed by Hollywood is how many people view us. Showing others that lawyers are honest and hardworking is a job all its own.

Lawyer Minds: As we bring our interview to a close, what’s one thing you want our readers to know about you that we didn’t ask?

Michael Levitz: I would like everyone to know that I have a life outside the office. Really? Yes! While I pride myself on getting in early and staying late, I have a family that is very important to me. My clients expect the best that I can offer, and so does my family.

Lawyer Minds would like to thank Michael for taking the time to share his insights with our readers!