Interview Criteria

Lawyer Minds interviews are conducted with the best and brightest trial lawyers across the country. Lawyer Minds speaks with attorneys who have built successful law practices, created new legal theories, donated countless hours of pro bono work, and obtained successful trial results on behalf of their clients. Not only does Lawyer Minds want to share what has worked for trial lawyers, but it also wants to share what hasn’t. The ultimate goal of these interviews is to provide valuable lessons that lawyers can put into practice immediately.

Nomination Process

Lawyer Minds is continuously looking to interview experienced, knowledgeable trial lawyers. Potential interviewees can complete the self-nomination form. Someone else can nominate a potential interviewee, but it’s asked to let the attorney know first and share the self-nomination form with them to fill out directly.

Interviewees are also found via social media outreach and through personal and professional connections.

Interview Process

Once an interviewee has been approved, they receive an email. The email includes instructions regarding their interview, as well as a list of approximately eight to ten questions. Lawyer Minds asks that the interviewee review the questions and provide in-depth, detailed answers via email in a timely manner.

In some instances, interviews may be recorded and transcribed.

Following the publishing of an interview, Lawyer Minds follows up with a shareable link, as well as information on the website’s directory.

Interview Topics

While every interview conducted is unique and tailored to the interviewees’ experiences and specialties, common themes are addressed. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Cases
  • Trials
  • Judicial Process
  • Clients
  • Legal Achievements
  • Law School
  • Managing a Law Firm
  • Continuing Education
  • Trial Lawyer Reputation
  • General Legal Questions
  • General Personal Questions

Submission Guidelines   

Trial lawyers are asked to share their experiences via an emailed interview with the following guidelines in mind:

  • Craft fresh responses with relevant and practical takeaways
  • Provide as much detail as possible in the way of examples, metrics, anecdotes, etc.
  • Attribute any quoted or paraphrased text with links to the sources
  • Include a headshot with the submission

While there is no set minimum or maximum response length, Lawyer Minds is looking for attorneys to provide in-depth and detailed responses to offer readers as much benefit as possible.

If Lawyer Minds publishes an interview, it has full rights to its content, including but not limited to editing, using, or re-using it in whole or in parts as it so chooses.